Friday, 11 March 2011

‘LBW’ readying for Tamilnadu release

lbw LBW readying for Tamilnadu release
Like the Tamil and Hindi films which are being released in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai are simultaneously screened in Andhra Pradesh, our Telugu films would also be screened in Tamil Nadu especially in Chennai.While some of the hit Telugu films are being dubbed into Tamil, some others would be released in Telugu language only.
LBW (Life Before Wedding) directed by Praveen Sattaru and produced by Naveen Sattaru and Deborah Stone with Abhijith, Nishanthi, Siddhu, Chinmayi, Asif Taj and Rohan in the lead was proved a hit and evoked good reviews from the critics.Keeping the good response from the Telugu audiences, the producers made efforts to release the film also in Chennai on March 11. Releasing by Goyan Media Management.The film would be screened at Mayajaal, PVR, AGS, Rakki cinemas in Chennai.

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