Wednesday, 4 May 2011

South Asian dresses gradually gain fans in West and mostly girls really likes South Asian dresses and designs. Western designers build South Asian dresses according to the western traditions and styles. South Asian dresses like Saree, Lehnga and Shalwar Kameez are being modified in West to style them differently. Here we have some western styles of Kurti (Shalwar kameez) for you which have completely new look and designs according to the modern stylish trend .
This noteworthy chooridar shalwar kameez is in western style. Design of fabric is just fabulous and stroking. Sleeve less tight fit long kurti pattern of kameez is most famous outfit in west for chooridar shalwar kameez. Designer gives an extra Western touch to the dress and use thin fabric strip at bust and at lower border which looks gorgeous. 

This printed kurti in West is wearing like a skirt. This skirt shaped kurti has loose casual length with umbrella outfit which looks so beautiful. Sleeve less pattern of kurti influenced by Western culture. This Western Kurti has wide V shape neck style modernly designed. Use of strip like a belt is a good stylish addition to the dress. 

Western girls influenced by sensational South Asian dresses due to beauty and combination of colors. South Asian dresses are more colorful than Western dresses even though they are casual and routine dresses. This Sensational Chooridar Shalwar kameez is very famous in west due to some western modifications in it. Neck style is purely based on Western designs. One shoulder less style is very common in western outfits but rarely in South Asian dresses. This superb Kurti has beautiful design with min blowing western outfit is really got number of fans in West.

Another same style outfit is front of you. The outfit and pattern is same but the design and fabric is different. This can be wear in summer season because the stuff is light weight and the color scheme is also lighter.

In West, South Asian kaamdar (Embroidered) dresses are also very famous but not too much embroidered. This slightly embroidered and strip worked chooridar shalwar kameez is best for Western Sout Asian chicks. Sleeveless kurti has beautiful strip and embroidery work at bust and at lower border of the kameez which makes this dress fancier. 

This dazzling chooridar Shawlar Kameez dress purely have Western outfit. Just look at Kurti and you will notice western blouse style at neck of the kameez. The short pattern of kurti looks like a semi frock type kurti which is fabulous. Sleeve less kameez pattern have wide and long V shape neck style based on Western demand.

This dazzling and dreamy outfit is purely based on Western culture. This is just like a short kurti or an open coat having long and wide collar, can be wear with skirt and trouser as well. Beautiful strip work with stylish collar is just amazing and fabulous. All these western dresses are taken from official website of just for sharing latest trend.

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